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A note about our News Bots

Started by Nalioth, Jul 03, 2022, 05:57 AM

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Epoch-Times-Bot & Global-Research-Bot bring the contents of those RSS feed to us & displays each as its own thread.  Feel free to add your tuppence to them.

• Epoch-Times-Bot brings us several hundred news stories a day from The Epoch Times.

• Global-Research-Bot brings us every bit of news published by Global Research (> 100 per day)

Due to the way Global Research formats their articles, these posts only contain blurbs about how you can view their articles in 51 languages.

You'll have to roll the dice on the article's title if you're considering clicking through to the article.

(not anything I can do - this is one of the weird things GR does)

In any event, much of the news brought to us by these two helpdroids will be news you were not meant to be made aware of 🙈🙉🙊

• Lowrate-News-Bot exists to bring us news that doesn't publish often (not low-rate news)

LRNB sources:
Heinlein Society (paying education forward with the late Robert A. Heinlein)
I, Cringely  (technology writer)

Velvet Elvis