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So, I heard you liked Star Wars . . . updated

Started by Nalioth, Sep 10, 2022, 12:25 PM

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I am moving this from the old board.  It has [updates] (look for the scratched out stuff)

Here are all the upcoming Star Wars movies & shows I'm aware of.  Please remember that all dates are subject to change.

31 August 21 September: Star Wars: Andor - This series will show Cassian Andor's path to becoming a rebel.  [Update] Now the premiere date will unlock three episodes.

28 September 14 January 2023: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (season 2)

Fall 2022 26 October: Tales of the Jedi - This is a series that Dave Filoni made cuz he was bored.  It will consist of 4 (or 6) episodes where half the eps are about Ahsoka's younger days (her recruitment into the Jedi order) and the other half will cover a period in the life of Jedi Master Dooku & and his young padawan Qui-Gon Jinn.  This will be animated in the same style as Clone Wars & Rebels.  [Update] The entire series will be made available.

TBD: Star Wars: Visions (Season 2) - More animation from studios around the globe (not just Japan this time).  My guess is it'll show up sometime in 2022/early 2023

February 2023: The Mandalorian (season 3) - The gang goes to Mandalore

Spring 2023: Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (animated)

December 22, 2023 TBD: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (movie from Patty Jenkins) [Update] "No SW movies until 2024", according to Lucasfilm.

2023: Ahsoka (the series)

TBD: Star Wars: Skeleton Crew - this is in production now, and will focus on Jedi younglings (but won't be a kid's series)

TBD: Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic - Originally set to star Gina Carano, it is on the back burner at this time / story elements may be folded into The Mandalorian.

TBD: Star Wars: The Acolyte (rumor has it this will be about a Sith apprentice)

TBD: Star Wars: A Droid Story (adventures of C-3PO and R2D2)

TBD: Star Wars: Lando (full steam ahead; just waiting for an opening in Donald Glover's schedule)

TBD: Untitled Taika Waititi Star Wars Film (probably looking at a 2025 release)