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The New Parasitic Leviathan

Started by Epoch-Times-Bot, Sep 28, 2022, 02:30 PM

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The New Parasitic Leviathan

In March 2020, Britain embarked on a novel and experimental policy in order to respond to a pandemic respiratory virus. This was the policy that was dubbed lockdown, a collection of measures consisting of unprecedented interventions to radically reduce the number of daily contacts that people had.
It had no basis in numerous previous pandemic plans. The government effectively suspended Parliament and governed by emergency rule. We were, the Prime Minister told us, facing the biggest threat to our country since World War Two. This was done with the support of much of the party in power, the opposition and virtually the entire legacy media. Public figures on the left were generally supportive. Indeed the response of many progressives in the UK was largely confined to arguing for more extensive measures....

Source: The New Parasitic Leviathan


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